Participant Recruitment

Joint Attention Mediated Learning Intervention for Toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Their Families

We are recruiting families of toddlers under age 31 months who may have autism and who are having difficulty communicating and interacting with others. Our early intervention program has been used in other research, and now we would like to explore whether it will prove to be effective with a larger number of families. The intervention is designed to help toddlers engage socially through parent-child interaction and to minimize possible future difficulties. If you agree to participate and your child is eligible, you will be randomly assigned (by chance) to one of two groups and will receive intervention materials either gradually in weekly sessions (intervention group) or at the end of a 32-week period (control group). Both groups will receive guidance on use of the intervention materials. Program description.

 If you would like more information or would like to explore the next step in participating, please call Stacia Mitchell at 913-321-3143 or email  

Autism Training Program

We provide a training program based on Applied Behavior Analysis for those who provide services to children with autism. During this training, children with autism will participate in our hands-on teaching clinic.They will gain an opportunity to come into contact with evidence-based teaching. Children who do not currently have any home-based programming will be introduced to learning through discrete trial instruction. Those who have a home-based program will have the opportunity to generalize skills learned at home to new environments and providers.

Benefits of Participating: Your child will experience evidence-based instructional programming. You will be compensated $30 for each 2-3 hour session.

You can participate if: Your child is diagnosed with autism. Your child is 2-6 years old. You can attend the trainings every other month on Thursday and Friday mornings.

For more information please email or call:
Jessica Barr

OASIS - Online and Applied System of Intervention Skills

We're evaluating a training program based on Applied Behavior Analysis for parents of children with autism. We want to know how effective this training program is in teaching you how to develop your child's independent skills and manage his/her challenging behaviors. Families participating in this project will go through the complete training program. Parents will complete web-based training modules and apply the skills learned in the modules with guidance from a trained clinician. The parent coach will provide immediate feedback about your use of these skills while you work one-on-one with your child during therapy sessions. The parent coach will talk with you via a live audio/video feed at an off-site clinic. The training program will take approximately sixteen weeks to complete. Throughout the program, we'll assess your child's behaviors using standardized assessments; we'll also assess your learning and satisfaction with the training program.

For more information see: Evaluation of the Online and Applied System for Intervention Skills (OASIS) Training Program for Parents of Children with Autism(pdf) and Frequently Asked Questions(pdf).