Past Events

Kansas Center for Autism Research and Training Past Seminar Series Talks

1/30/20 – Jon Brumberg, PhD (Dole 1031)
Restoring Communication Using Brain-Computer Interfaces

2/13/20 – Erin Bojanek, MA (Dole 2092)
Mechanisms of sensory and motor processes in autism spectrum disorder

2/27/20 4-5PM – Heather Fielding Gebhardt, MA (Dole 1031)
Rethinking measurement standards of autism symptomology in Fragile X Syndrome

4/2/20 – Meghan Davidson
Diving Deeper into Reading in ASD

4/16/20 4:00 PM – Xueqin Qian
Social Inclusion for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

4/30/20 4:00 PM – Sheida Raley